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The story of “KGF Full Movie” Story revolves around Rocky, a gangster. Rocky was very close to his mother Kebe in childhood. But due to poverty, his mother dies due to illness at an early age.
And his mother takes a promise from Rocky. That he will die only after becoming the richest man in this world.
After taking a promise from his mother, he decides that he will become the richest man in this world.
He comes to Mumbai to become rich. In order to attract the attention of the people, he attacks a lazy policeman with a bottle.
That’s why Rocky gets noticed by Don Shetty of Mumbai and he incorporates Rocky into his gang.
Gradually Rocky’s awe grows so much. Mumbai has no less without Rocky’s permission.
Rocky is then called from Mumbai to Bangalore for a secret mission. In this secret mission, Rocky must kill Garuda, who is a popular leader as well as the owner KGF.
Garuda is called in Bangalore by some excuse. Rocky has to kill Garuda in Bangalore, but Rocky is not able to kill him.
Rocky then plans to kill Garuda. And becomes a laborer and joins the KGF. After joining KGF, Rocky learns that Garuda illegally imprisons laborers and makes them work.
Rocky makes up his mind to help the workers of KGF. | Will fight against the atrocities on the workers.
Rocky plans to reach Garuda in KGF. Rocky kills Garuda soldiers. Garuda comes to know that some KGFhas come to kill him.
After getting along with Rocky, the workers of KGF stand against Garuda. Garuda sacrifices three laborers to maintain his awe. Rocky joins the two workers and gives them to Garuda.


In this “KGF Full Movie”, Garuda is the king of tyrannical KGF. One who works by capturing laborers. Rocky saves the workers by killing Garuda.

Directed byPrashanth Neel
Produced byVijay Kiragandur
Written byDialogues:
Prashanth Neel
Chandramouli M
Vinay Shivangi
Screenplay byPrashanth Neel
Music byRavi Basrur
Edited byShrikanth
Hombale Films
Distributed byKRG Studios (Kannada)
Excel Entertainment & AA Films (Hindi)
Vishal Film Factory (Tamil)
Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram (Telugu)
Global United Media
Release date20 December 2018 (United States & Canada)
21 December 2018 (India)
5 February 2019 (Digital
LanguageKannada, Hindi, Telagu, Tamil

KGF Full Movie Cast

YashRaja Krishnappa Bhairya / Rocky Bhai
Srinidhi ShettyReena Desai
Archana JoisShanthamma, Rocky’s mother
Anant NagAnand Ingalagi
Ramesh IndiraSuryavardhan





KGF Full Movie Public Review

Questions And Answer

What is the full form of kgf?

Kolar Gold Fields

Where is kgf located in India?

Country India
State Karnataka
District Kolar district

Why was Kolar gold mines closed?

Indian Government on 28 February 2001 Kolar Gold Fields were closed due to environmental pollution, wrong policies and lack of investment.

Who is the owner of KGF?

John Taylor and sons

Can we visit Kolar gold mines?

The name of Kolar city is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka. You can visit the “Kolar Gold Fields” without any permission here.

Does Rocky die in KGF 2?

Rocky will die at the end of the movie

What is the story of KGF Chapter 1?

The story is given above.

Who is the father of Rocky in KGF?

Gangamma / Rocky’s Mother

Where can I download kgf movies?

You Can download kgf 1 from Amazon Prime Video
Editor Review
Ajay Nidh
Acting Performance
Ajay Nidh
Srinidhi Shetty
Archana Jois
Anant Nag
Ramesh Indira
Ramachandra Raj
Vinay Bidappa

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