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Inspiring Story Student Of The Year 2

Inspiring Story Student Of The Year 2. There are five main characters in a movie. Rohan, Mridula, Mia, and Shreya. Shreya is the sister of Manav. Rohan loves Mia since childhood.
First, both of them study at Kishori Lal College. Mia then goes to St. Teresa College to study. Rohan St. Due to Teresa College being unable to pay the fee, Kishori Lal studies in the college itself.
Then somehow, due to reservation, St. Teresa takes admission in the college. But St. Due to Teresa College, Mian changes after taking admission.
Mia then befriends Rohan. At St. Teresa’s College, Rohan befriends Manav.
Is rich. | Manav is the winner of St. Teresa College’s Student of the Year for two years.
But both Rohan and Shreya (Man’s sister) do not become friends from day one. Shreya insults Manav’s old friend at a party. It creates confusion between Manav and Rohan.
Mia and Rohan participate in a dance competition. Both of them lose dance competition. This defeat leads Mia to mental stress.
To comfort Mia, Rohan goes to Mia’s house. Rohan is seen kissing Manav and Mian and he gets angry. Rohan beats Manav. Rohan is expelled from Kollage for beating Manav.
Manav beats Rohan. And call it Loser. Rohan gives a challenge to Manav that he will win the Student of the Year title from Kishori Lal Collage. In the end, there is a competition for students of the year. In which Rohan’s team wins.


This lesson can be learned from this movie. No matter how great a person is, if there is pride in him, then his destruction starts.

Directed byPunit Malhotra
Produced byKaran Johar
Written byArshad Sayed
Screenplay byTara Sutaria
Music byVishal–Shekhar
Edited byRitesh Soni
Dharma Productions
Distributed byFox Star Studios
Release date10 May 2019
Budget₹65 crore

Student Of The Year 2 Cast

Tiger ShroffRohan Sachdev
Tara SutariaMridula “Mia” Chawla
Ananya PandayShreya Randhawa
Aditya SealManav Singh Randhawa
Samir SoniPrincipal Avinash Gujral
Gul PanagCoach Kuljeet Chaddha
Abhishek BajajAbhishek Sharma
Manoj PahwaCoach Mahipal
Ayesha Raza MishraPrincipal Archana Singh
Rajesh KumarPrem Narayan Sachdev, Rohan’s uncle




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Is the Student of the Year 2 flop?


how to download student of the year 2 full movie?

Register on Amazon Prime Video Free (New User)| you can download free student of the year|

when is a student of the year 2 releasing?

10 May 2019

where can I watch student of the year 2?

New User Can Watch Free Student Of The Year 2

who is the girlfriend of tiger shroff in the student of the year 2?

mia (Tara Sutaria)

who is the hero of the student of the year 2?

Tiger Shroff as Rohan Sachdev

who is a student of the year 2 actress?

Where is the shooting of Student of the Year 2?


How long is Student of the Year 2?

2h 26m

Student of the year 2 box office collection?

₹98.16 crore
Editor Review
Ajay Nidh
Acting Performance
Ajay Nidh
Tiger Shroff
Tara Sutaria
Ananya Panday
Aditya Seal
Samir Soni
Gul Panag

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